Flipped out: Innovative Strategies for Improving Engagement of Online Music Ensemble Classes

Dr. Yi-Li Chang

Universiti Malaya

Prof. Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim

Universiti Malaya

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, all educators need to design the alternative online teaching methods to conduct their class activities in every subject. However, not all subjects are suitable to transform online, especially for the subject needs to have practical activities, such as music ensemble class. The issue of online music ensemble classes has always been unsolvable due to the latency and sound quality. Furthermore, being unable to play musical instruments together easily disrupts the concentration of students.

A virtual strings workshop with 60 secondary school students was conducted to examine the effectiveness and learning process by using Flipped teaching approach to compare traditional lecture-based teaching in music ensemble class. A mixed mode method including survey and interview had been used to analyse. The aim of the study is to attract the attention of music ensemble instructors using a new teaching strategy – flipped teaching approach to gain better interaction, engagement and greater learning results. The findings show that the flipped teaching approach benefits students to their learning outcomes and mindset, as well as reduces the issues of latency and distraction.

This paper provides the teaching concept, process and suggestion of a new teaching method. Besides this, innovative outcomes such as podcasts and virtual music concerts also result an outstanding and surprising potential of the students.

Keywords: Flipped Teaching, online music ensemble class, traditional lecture-based teaching, engagement

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