Video guideline:

  1. The presenter must make an appearance in the video and must narrate the presentation themselves.
  2. The research must be concisely explained, the content should include the problems, the idea of solution, and methodology.
  3. Narration and slides shall be in English.
  4. Maximum duration is 3 minutes only.  Points will be deducted if the video exceeds the allotted time.
  5. The video shall be original and have never been published elsewhere before.
  6. Minimum resolution for the video shall be 720p.
  7. The title of research, name of the presenter, must appear in the video.
  8. The intro to the video must include UM 6th BEURC logo and presenter’s institution logo.The title of research and the name of the presenter must appear in the intro. 
  9. The video format shall be either .avi, .mp4, and .webm files.
  10. The video file submitted must be named as Full Name_Institution Name_Sub Theme_Category (i.e. Amanah Yassin_UM_1_Oral)
  11. Video size is kindly requested to be 100 Mb.
  12. The video must be uploaded using the link provided and should be submitted before or on the deadline (15th October 2021).
  13. A copy of the video must be uploaded to youtube with minimum resolution of 720p. The title of the Youtube video shall be BEURC2021 UM_Presenter name.
  14. Share the video and get Likes as much as possible to ensure the visibility of the research and the conference. Points shall be awarded for the most likes as part of the assessment.


Poster guideline:

  1. The virtual poster must be one page. Additional pages will not be accepted
  2. The poster must include title of research, name(s), affiliations, and logo of affiliations (to be positioned at the left corner of poster)
  3. The poster must include UM Sign-off (to be positioned at the right corner of poster)
  4. Must be in English
  5. The file size may not exceed 25MB
  6. All files must be submitted as a PDF and named as Full Name_Institution Name_Sub Theme_Category (i.e. Rania Atiqah_UM_2_Poster)
  7. The video must be uploaded using the link provided and should be submitted before or on the deadline (15th October 2021)
  8. Other guidelines for poster are as below:


Potrait/ Landscape


A1 (594mm x 841mm @ 23.39” x 33.11”)

Colour and font types

Not restricted


A clear, simple, uncluttered arrangement is the most attractive and the easiest to read

Recommended font sizes

  • Title: >72 pt
  • Headings: 30-60 pt
  • Text: 18-24 pt

  1. The judging of BEURC 2021 virtual presentation will be done on the competition days (28th - 29th October 2021)
  2. Video presentation will be graded on the clarity of communication, research quality, significance of the study, the relationship between the methodology adopted and findings gathered, research contributions as well as overall knowledge and understanding of the study posed by the presenter. The videos with most likes will be given bonus points.
  3. Posters will be graded on the completeness of content, contents, the logic and arrangement of the poster materials and overall quality of the poster