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2) Virtual poster presentation

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The scope/topic/themes (built environment) of this program include, but not limited to the followings: 

1) Surveying & Governance
Development, by-laws, building control, pathology, defects, condition assessment, inspection, professional practice, education, contracts 

2) Architecture & Planning Studies

Design, planning, architectural studies, legal, housing, geomatic, BIM

3) Management

Building maintenance, asset, FM, POE, legal, risk, project management, property management, BIM

4) Building & Construction

Design, structure, material, construction, technology, risk, BIM

5) Building & Environmental Science

Energy, simulation, IAQ, IEQ, BIM, materials, legal, building performance


6) Computer Science & Engineering  
Machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), building engineering technology, big data, internet of things (IoT), engineering studies