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The Malaysian Solid State Science and Technology Society (MASS) was established on 8th January 1991. MASS provides a platform and opportunity for Malaysian scientists in order to develop a sturdy and knowledge on the role of solid-state science. Knowledge and skills in this area are the primary basis to the development of the electronics industry and the manufacture of materials technology in general, makes it to be possessed by scientists and technocrats in this country. This will not only facilitate the transfer of technology, but also will promote the creation of new technology in Malaysia. MASS will mobilize the members of chemistry, physics, materials science, electronics engineering and many others toward fulfilling these aspirations. Malaysia has the potential to become an industrialized nation with a modern technological society. MASS seeks to be a catalyst for making advanced materials, ceramics, high-temperature superconductors, thin films, glass and materials that can be used wisely by the local industry and overseas.


MASS was established for the following aims :

  • To encourage activities related to Solid State Science and Technology.
  • To organize seminars, workshops, conferences related to Solid State Science and Technology.
  • To publish Journals, Newsletters, monographs related to this field.
  • Being a liaison body for researchers in the field of solid-state science and technology.


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  • Journal Solid State Science and Technology
  • Journal Solid State Science and Technology Letters

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