1. Every participation should consist of a maximum of FOUR (4) members only including the Team Leader. For additional members will be charge RM50/USD15 per person up to TWO (2) members only.
  2. The following participations are, however, not accepted for this competition:
  • An invention which is a duplication of others.
  • An invention which may provoke the public’s sensitivity or may contain values that are in contrary to moral and public health and welfare.
  • An invention which may be a subject matter of any Intellectual Property (IP) disputes or contentions.
  1. Participants must complete a separate entry form for each invention which they wish to participate. Only one invention is allowed for each form.
  2. Participants are responsible to obtain Intellectual Property (IP) protection for their exhibitions.
  3. The registration with an abstract should be submitted to ILOC 2021 organizers by 31st August 2021.
  4. All particulars submitted in the registration form (including abstract) are accepted as they are. The ILOC 2021 organizers will not be responsible for any errors in the translation or wording of descriptions published in the programme book or in the e-proceedings.
  5. The participants should further agree to release and acquit the organizers for all actions, causes of actions, claims or damages of whatever kind, including the negligence of the organizers arising out of participation in this program.
  6. The panel of reviewers or the members of the organizers are not liable in respect of any matters which arise from or connected to the results or conduct in organizing the competition.
  7. The decisions of the reviewers are final and no disputes or appeals will be entertained.