• The video should comply with the rules and regulations set by the organizer.
  • Each video must start with the ILOC 2021 introductory video. Click here
  • Participants that use third party software, targeted ads, or buying views (and likes) will not be tolerated, resulting in disqualification from ‘The Most Outstanding Video Award’.

  1. Video submission duration within 6 minutes or less. No change should be made once files have been uploaded (please make sure you upload the correct and final documents).
  2. Marks will be deducted if the video exceeds the 6-minutes limit.
  3. Each video must start with the ILOC 2021 Introductory video.
  4. Video presentation MUST engage visual and spoken narration to the audience.
  5. Supporting documents (Posters, certificate, proof of product completion, copyright, etc) can be attached in a shared folder (your cloud storage) and included in your Video Presentation.