Professor. Dr. Takeshi Sawase

Dept. of Applied Prosthodontics, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, 
Nagasaki University

It is my great honor and pleasure to jointly hold this “Implant Certificate Course” at University of Malaya,Malaysia. During the two days course, I will first introduce a “newly developed implant design based on the bone quality management”. After the new concept of "bone quality" was proposed by the National Institutes of Health in USA, the paradigm of bone quality has shifted from density-based assessments to structural evaluations of bone. In order to evaluate the bone quality around the dental implant, bone microstructures including osteocytes and the preferential alignment of biological apatite c-axis/collagen fibers has arose wide concern. Interestingly, the bone quality is greatly influenced by the repetitive load on the implant and implant thread design. In the current lecture I will introduce the newly developed implant design which can manage and improve the bone quality around the implant.

Afterward, I will give an outline of implant treatment planning. Also, the implant prosthetic procedure including impression technique and fabrication of the prostheses will be demonstrated and explained. 

I hope all of the attendees will be exposed to the current major implant treatment and a new trend of implant design.


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