The Learning Improvement and Teaching Enhancement Conference (LITEC) 2021 is an annual event by the Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC), Universiti Malaya.

This conference gathers the recipients of UM Learning Improvement and Teaching Enhancement Research Grant for the year 2021, as well as educators who are passion in their Teaching and Learning research, to share their findings and also best practices is adapting to the current trend in higher education scene.

This year, we are bringing the Digital Challenge as the conference theme. Whether we embrace it, conquering it, bridging the gaps or addressing it, each project presented should define the theme on their own.

Almost every institution is engaging in digital transformation, due to the COVID-19.  The pandemic has forced this sector to reimagine its entire offering. With campuses shut and lectures on hold, institutions are suddenly more dependent than ever on their digital channels of communication.

But how are we coping with the transformation, with so little time we had to prepare? How do we measure the effectiveness and impact of the new methods of less physical, and more screening time?

Come join us in this event where we discuss the challenge of digital transformation in higher education, and perhaps we could implement the best practices shared, into our own class.