Will the registration deadline and event registration deadline be further extended? 

Yes, conference registration and even registration deadlines are now being extended to 10/06/2023.


Can the general public, neither dental students nor lecturers, join the conference? If yes, what is the rate? 

Yes, anybody can join the conference with a fee of RM150/pax.


Do visitors (non-participants) need to pay and register for the conference? 

Yes, with a fee of RM150/pax.


Do the participants need to complete the event and conference registration forms? Or just the event form is sufficient?

Participants who are joining the events need to fill in both forms.


Can one student join more than one event?

Yes. However, please refer to the tentative schedule in case the events clash. 


Can the participants bring reference photos for the wax carving and wire bending competition?

After careful consideration, we have decided not to allow participants to bring reference photos for these events. We understand that reference photos can be a valuable source of inspiration, but we have provided ample time before the competition for participants to think about their designs and explore their creativity.


When will the participant receive the certificate?

The e-certificates will be sent to all participants after the event (within 1 week).


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