Housing Culture, Environment and Urban Development

Universiti Malaya (UM) is proud to host the APNHR conference for the second time. The 2020 APNHR conference will provide an international platform to address the conference theme Housing Culture, Environment and Development.

Housing culture has a particular meaning for Asia Pacific and Africa because of their long history, diverse culture and strong influence on housing form until today. It also has special meaning for Europe and America not only for similar reasons but also for their endeavors to preserve the built heritage in the process of continued economic and technological advancement. To sustain local housing culture in the midst of rapid globalization, modernization and urbanization has been controversial and challenging. 

Housing environment is equally testing if not more. As Asian Pacific economies further assimilate with global markets and achieve stronger economic growth, gaps in access to decent, affordable and quality housing persist, deteriorating livability. The financialisation of housing at global scale accentuate the problems. The social environment of housing is also ever-changing: notably ageing trends in the demographic structure, reversal of co-residence preferences in the West and East alike due to economic and lifestyle reasons. Essential for coping with these contextual changes is the ability of governments to formulate policy environments capable of facilitating the supply of affordable and acceptable homes to families of all income ranges, especially the vulnerable groups. In particular, as cities in Asia and their population mix become more complex and housing become more unaffordable, new forms of housing development and supply models such as Airb&b have emerged. But can we do better and how?

The APNHR 2020 conference offers a platform to discuss these emerging housing issues in the Asia Pacific region and globally. The conference will bring together housing and urban researchers, experts, and stakeholders to engage in dialogues and forward looking discussions to invent impactful ideas and innovations.

This is a must-attend for anyone wanting to play a part in the housing future of Asia Pacific and beyond. As Universiti Malaya is located in the city center of Kuala Lumpur, the participants will have the opportunity to explore the dynamic city and enjoy its diverse culture. The technical visit to the historical city of Melaka will offer refreshing views of a UNESCO world heritage site rich in housing culture.


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