The International Conference on Integrated Urban Planning 2024 (ICIUP2024) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to present and discuss all aspects in the fields of urban planning and development that address the contemporary global, national, and local issues.

The ICIUP 2024 conference is the fourth conference of its series organized by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Malaya that addresses the multi-disciplinary and integrated aspects of urban planning.

Agile cities refer to urban environments that embrace and implement agile principles in their development and governance strategies. Inspired by the agile approach in software development, these cities prioritize flexibility, adaptability, and continuous improvement to meet the evolving needs and challenges of their residents. Agile cities encourage collaboration between public and private sectors, involve citizens in decision-making processes, and leverage technology to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. They prioritize sustainable and resilient infrastructure, promote innovative solutions to urban issues, and foster a culture of experimentation and learning. By embracing agility, these cities aim to create dynamic and livable spaces that can quickly respond to changing circumstances, ensuring a prosperous and inclusive future for their inhabitants.

Based on the Agile Cities framework, developed by World Economic Forum in 2018, the conference organizer would like to invite interested participants to present papers related to the following sub-themes: 

□   Building
□   Planning and management
□   Energy 
□   Mobility 
□   Information Technologies
□   Security
□   Education
□   Governance