“Discover more about Guidewire Software and how we approach technical problem solving and coding as part of our interview process. Hear directly from our recent graduates and tech leads on what we look for when evaluating junior talent and technical skills employers look for. “


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     RADEK SLOMSKI                                 KIMBERLY NGU                                 YOUSOFF ALI 

  Software Engineer Tech Lead                          Consultant                                 Application Engineer

    Guidewire Ireland (Dublin)                     Guidewire Malaysia (KL)                   Guidewire Malaysia (KL)


Radek Slomski is a Software Engineer Tech Lead with over thirteen years of experience in IT industry.  He is originally from Poland where he completed his master degree at the University of Technology in Koszalin. He has been working at Guidewire's Dublin office in Ireland for the last six years where he had a chance to build and lead multiple teams and deliver solutions for various customers.


Kimberly Ngu studied Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (majoring in Telecommunications) in Multimedia University (MMU). She is a Consultant in GSC and currently working in an upgrade project. It has been 1 year and 4 months since she joined Guidewire.


Yousoff Ali is an alumni of Universiti Malaya from foundation study in PASUM until receiving his Master in Mathematics. Yousoff has worked with Guidewire for over a year as an Application Engineer under Customer & Cloud Operations (CCO).