Fluid dynamics is an emerging field that is highly associated with the constant advancement. This exciting field deals with the fluid's behaviour at rest and in motion and involves a broad range of theoretical, experimental, and computational topics .


This list of real-world applications of fluid dynamics could go on indefinitely, for instance, the design of fluid machinery including pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, and turbines; heating and ventilating systems; design of blood substitutes, artificial hearts, heart-lung machines, and breathing aids. 


To illuminate the role of fluid dynamics in the applications mentioned above, the Centre for Data Analytics Consultancy and Services, Universiti Malaya (UM-CDACS), is organising a three-day International Workshop on Fluid Dynamics (IWFD 2023) from 8 August 2023 to 10th August 2023 .

The multidisciplinary workshop will serve as a platform to exchange innovative ideas and experiences with speakers from around the globe. The eminent experts had many impressive achievements in this field and they come from top universities from 5 different countries. It will be hands-on sessions covering the broader scope of fluid dynamics that would benefit the participants from academics, industry (including R&D), scientists, and postgraduate students from various organisations.


IWFD 2023 covers a broad spectrum of numerical simulations of the convective heat transfer phenomenon, different approaches to solving the laminar boundary layer now models and elucidates the applications of the fractional hypergeometric functions.


Lets connect, share, discuss, learn, with us!


Poster of the event is as below. The detailed program and speaker line up  and registration info can be found in menu on the top right. Thank you for your interest.



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