.: Challenge In Implementing SDG From Industry Perspective And Potential Collaboration Across Institution

Naguib Mohd Nor is the CEO and owner of Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd.Naguib is also the founding member and President of Malaysia Aerospace Industry Association (MAIA)since its inception in 2016

Mr. Naguib Mohd Nor
CEO and Owner of Aerospace Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


.: Implementation Development, Scope and Challenge of Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia

Azhar Kassim Mustapha is the founder and the CEO of Nervesis, Malaysia. With Nervesis, Azhar architects ZYGY, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that captures essential information from documents, web and social media to automate assessments and recommendations. ZYGY is recognized as Top 10 Cognitive Technology Solution Providers - 2019 by ApacCIOOutlook.

Azhar also is the Deputy Head (Consultant) for Center of Research and Development for ELMU (Enforcement Leadership and Management University) Group in Malaysia.

Azhar is a graduate of the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA, where he received his Bachelor of Science and Master in Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Azhar has a total of three Patents to his name - one in the US with COMSAT Laboratories (now part of Lockheed Martin) and two in Malaysia – in the areas of underwater communication and compression, speech recognition and hardware interpreter/translator technologies.

In addition to his role as the CEO of Nervesis, Azhar was also a Research Specialist at Multimedia University of Malaysia (MMU), where he led a team conducting advanced research and development (R&D) work funded by the Matsushita Corporation of Japan. Azhar has written and published numerous scientific papers at the International level.

Mr. Azhar Kassim Mustapha
CEO of Nervesis, Malaysia.


.: Challenge and Development On Cyber Security From National Security Perspective (Operational R&D)

En. Haris Fazillah Jamel , Managing Director at SongketMail Sdn Bhd. Information Technology systems Integrator and Open Source Software consulting. Current interest Log Forensic (Elastic Stack, Elasticsearch, ELK, Kibana, Logstash)

Mr. Haris Fazillah Jamel
Managing Director at SongketMail Sdn Bhd.

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