ICoSEM Background

1st ICoSEM2013, 2nd ICoSEM2015 3rd ICoSEM2017, and 4th ICoSEM2019 were successfully organized from 13-14th of November 2013, 16-18th of November 2015, 24-25th October 2017, and 26-28th August 2019 respectively with participants coming from universities, research institutes, and industries worldwide. There were renowned scientists invited to give a plenary address, oral presenters including invited speakers, poster presentations, and exhibitors who also sponsored the event.

The objective to bring scientists, researchers, engineers, and students working in the area of Materials Science and Engineering for exchanging knowledge or ideas on the recent advancement in various aspects of the field was achieved. In the next step, CAM hopes to bring more scientists and researchers in this field to share recent advances in knowledge and also to start collaborative research in order to produce innovative materials for a sustainable future.

Materials Science and Engineering is one of the key areas that enable and facilitate innovation in almost all other branches of engineering and technology. Thus, by exchanging and gaining new knowledge, the two centers (CAM) hope to continue high-quality research in the field and contribute to the University’s achievement.

The conference will also give the opportunity to make contacts with relevant professional organizations such as The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IOM3), the Materials Research Society (MRS), the Institute of Materials Malaysia (IMM), Academic publishers such as Francis Taylor, Maney publishing or others.  These organizations will be invited as technical co-sponsors. The benefits of co-sponsorship will include:

  • IEM - Local participants to obtain CPD points
  • IOM3, MRS, and IMM - Intended for a wide network of researchers in this field and help in promoting the conference.
  • Academic publishers - Intended to get accepted papers published in the indexed journal (ISI/Scopus).

In addition, we managed to publish papers presented in the 1st ICoSEM2013 in ISI indexed journal (MRI) and Scopus-indexed journal (AMR), the 2nd ICoSEM2015 we published the papers in Key Engineering Materials (KEM) by Trans Tech Publication, 3rd ICoSEM2017 in AIP Conference Proceeding and 4th ICoSEM2019 in ISI Web of Science Indexed and Scopus indexed journal.