The International Conference on Academia-Community Engagement (InACE) gives an opportunity for academicians, researchers, professionals, students, and organisations from all over the world to share important information and experience, leading into more refined community projects. The purpose of this conference is to exchange ideas and enhance the standard of future community projects via oral and poster presentations. The International Conference on Academia-Community Engagement (InACE) will feature speakers with professional knowledge and expertise in community project implementation and development. The guest's anticipated participation will enable a more substantial contribution in achieving the maximum impact. InACE will be a hybrid (virtual and physical) conference, with the physical conference taking place in Kuala Lumpur.



  1. To provide an interactive hybrid platform by showcasing and sharing experience of community projects.

  2. To support the community's research projects via exchanging ideas and opinions as well as sharing cutting edge, latest and effective practices in handling community projects that lead to impacting the nation.

  3. To magnetize collaboration opportunities via face-to-face connection and via digital platforms.



Synergizing MADANI: A Collaborative Approach to Global Academic Community and Partnership Success
Establishing effective partnerships is a crucial component of every successful programme in an era of increased provider accountability and legislative pressure to improve program outcomes. Discover how an interest based partnership model can frame effective strategies to mitigate challenging problems and produce measurable outcomes.



The InACE usually gathers 150-200 people from every part of the world. Participants will come to learn from the best in their respective fields, specifically education, health, entrepreneurship, ICT and technology, sport and recreation, environmental development, social welfare, rural development, and national and cultural heritage conservation, as well as measuring and monitoring impact in these areas. Participants will be capable of remaining up to current on the latest innovations and emerging issues in community engagement, as well as network with peers from various organizations. The broad varieties of people who attended the event are potentially listed below.