Guideline on Abstract Preparation

General information:

1. Set the paper to A4 size, margin 2.54 cm for all 4 sides.

2. Set the font to Garamond, single spacing throughout.

3. Title:

  • Font 16, Centralised, Bold
  • should be Capital for the first letter of each word.
  • The scientific name should follow the rules of scientific naming (Capital for the first letter of Genus, italicise).

4. Author’s name:

  • Font size: 12, normal
  • Last name or surname (Poon), given name (Nee Kiew) à Nee Kiew Poon
  • Last name (Othman), given name (Rofina Yasmin) à Rofina Yasmin Othman
  • Omit “Prof”, “Dr”, “Datuk”, “Datin”, “Haji”, “Bin”, “Binti”, “Anak”, “A/P”, “A/L”.
  • Superscript alphabet (a,b,c) after the name for the affiliation.
  • * for the corresponding author after the superscript alphabet.

5. Affiliation:

  • Font size: 10, italicised
  • The address should be complete for each of the affiliations
  • A new line for each affiliation, i.e., the superscript alphabet should be at the beginning of the address.
  • Centralised alignment

6. Corresponding:

  • Font size: 10. Centralised
  • *Corresponding author email:
  • Remove the underline or hyperlink.
  • Maximum TWO corresponding authors.


Please download the:

1. guideline on Abstract Preparation here

2. guidelines for oral presenters here.

3. guideline for poster presenters here.

4. Template for Abstract here

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