Special Announcement:


Dear all Presenters and Participants,

Due to Covid-10 pandemic situation, the RISM-IRC2020 is cancelled.  However the committees have decided decided that:


For Presenters

  1. Presenter are required to submit video presentation for the competition of the Best Presenter Award. Those who submit the video presentation, shall be given the Certificate of Participation as a Presenter.
  2. The Best Paper Award shall be given to each sub-theme category.
  3. The publication process shall be continued for the Scopus journal. Therefore, Presenters (Authors) are required to amend the paper based on reviewers' comments.
  4. Partial fees will be refunded to all presenters, which the presenter's fees shall be calculated by RISM before refund. RISM will contact all presenters who have made the payment in the nearest future.
  5. The guideline for video presentation is as follows:
  • The presenter must make appearance in the video (at least 5 second) and must use own voice in the presentation.
  • Must concisely explain your research, which the content should include the problems, the idea of solution, and its methodology.
  • Must be in English.
  • Maximum duration is 3 minutes only.  
  • The video must be original and never been published elsewhere before.
  • The title of paper, name of the presenter, and “RISM International Research Conference 2020” must be stated on the video.
  • The video must acknowledge the presenter's institution/funder logos.
  • The video must be in .AVI, .WMV or Quicktime format, and be submitted through email rism.irc2020@gmail.com by stating your Paper Code in email subject. Presenter are required to submit the video, latest by 30th of March 2020.   
  • If your email sending the file in Google Drive, please ensure that the setting for "Sharing" is set to public.


For Participants

1. RISM will refund fully the fees paid by the participants.  

2. RISM will contact all participants who have made the payment in the nearest future.


We understand the trouble / difficulties caused to you due to this sudden change and once again we would like to apologize on behalf of our organizing committee for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you, and be safe everyone.


Best regards,

RISM-IRC2020 Secretariat