The theme of RISM-IRC2020 is Exceed the Exceeding; it brings the meaning of limitless possibilities which symbolizes the empowerment of research in shaping the world we live today.  

We welcome research papers that challenge current research, policy and practice and we are happy for contributors to interpret the themes broadly;

  • Digital Construction
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Practice & Professionalism
  • Engineering Technology
  • Quality, Safety & Productivity
  • Construction Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Cost Management and Planning
  • Teaching & Learning in Built Environment


Full Paper Submission

Please email your submission to:, with e-mail subject "Paper Submission for RISM-IRC2020".  Please click How to Register and Submit Paper?

Formatting Guidelines

  •     Papers must be in English of up to 8-12 pages in Scopus Indexed/Refereed Journal paper format.
  •     Paper content must be original and relevant to one of the many conference topics.
  •     Authors are required to ensure accuracy of quotations, citations, diagrams, maps, and tables.
  •     Figures and tables need to be placed where they are to appear in the text and must be clear and easy to view.
  •     Papers must follow format according to the downloadable Word template.

Review Process

The review process will be double-blind. Therefore, please anonymize your submission. This means that all submissions must contain no information identifying the author(s) or their organization(s): Do not put the author(s) names or affiliation(s) at the start of the paper, anonymize citations to and mentions of your own prior work that are directly related to your present work, and do not include funding or other acknowledgments.

Each paper will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. The acceptance decisions will take into account paper novelty, technical depth, elegance, practical or theoretic impact, and presentation.

  • Original: the paper explores a new idea, project or issue; discusses existing research with promise of new insight, discusses new research; or presents new ways of considering existing information
  • Engaging: presentation format will involve the audience in some way, or has high potential to attract conference attendees by addressing needs of the community
  • Significant: the paper raises and discusses issues important to improving the effectiveness and/or sustainability of open education efforts, and its contents can be broadly disseminated and understood
  • Quality: claims are supported by sufficient data; claims draw upon relevant literature; and limitations are described honestly
  • Relevant: the paper addresses one or more of the themes of the conference

Publication (Scopus Indexed and Refereed Journals)

Authors have an option to suggest their manuscript to be reviewed for publication in Scopus Indexed Journal.  However, the Scientific Committees have the right to decide the suitability of the manuscript either to be published in Scopus Indexed or Refereed Journals based on the suggestions made by the Reviewers.  Authors are responsible to revise the manuscript suggested by Reviewers to comply with the Journals' requirements.  Please hold the payment until the acceptance letter is issued.