Themes of the Conference

We are interested in papers, performances, and creative works (including: pop-up exhibition proposals, workshops or technical demonstrations) that explore, from a global point of view, transitions and transformations in these areas since the turn of the 21st century. Scholarly, as well as artistic research and outputs (including research by practice) in all areas of contemporary fine art, curatorial practice, design, and the performing arts, will be staged in a way that fosters trans-disciplinary and cross-border dialogue.

We are particularly interested in papers, exhibitions, performances, workshops and presentations that bring to light, as well as problematise, ideas related to contemporary globalisation. Therefore, we welcome works that consciously explore the connections between theory, artistic and design practice, and pedagogy as well as contemporary art and design’s potential relationships to nature and questions about sustainability, to science and technology, and to local traditions and heritage. In the spirit of crossing boundaries, the conference itself will be held simultaneously in three spaces: the University of Sharjah (UAE), Universiti Malaya (Malaysia), and online. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to choose which venue they would like to participate from. Additionally, all panels, papers, and performances will be live-streamed to each location to ensure the maximum level of engagement and dialogue

You are welcome to propose papers, performances, exhibitions, posters, etc. which touch any of the themes listed below. 

Research Papers

  • New look/approaches to historical/traditional/modern Arts (Fine Arts, Visual Arts, & Performing Arts)
  • New perspective on Heritage (AI, VR, OR, etc.) 
  • Digital Humanities in Arts and Design
  • Transdisciplinarity and Art Integration (Arts-Based Learning and Research)
  • New approaches to Research by Practices (Auto-ethnography, Practice as Research and etc.) 
  • Sciences, Technologies and the Arts (new models, new approaches) 
  • Contemporary Performances and Visual Arts and Designs 
  • New approaches to Museum Studies, Curatorial Practices, and Archiving
  • New directions in artistic projects 
  • Visual Studies (Fashion, Communication Design, Interior Design, etc)
  • Popular Visual Culture and Popular Music
  • New pedagogical approaches to Arts and Design
  • Sustainability in the Arts and Design
  • New Historical and Theoretical approaches to the Arts and Design
  • New approaches to Research by Practices 


Creative works (All creative work should include lectures and discussions)

  • Poster presentations
  • Exhibitions  (+ lectures)
  • Lecture-recital (Music)
  • Lecture-Demonstration (Dance)
  • Performance-Lecture (Drama and Dance)
  • New Works Forum
  • Short Films (lectures)
  • New approaches to Research by Practices (eg. autoethnography, etc.) 


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