How to submit an abstract

You will first have to register for the conference.  Please register as 'presented' and not 'participant' if you intend to send an abstract.  Once you have registered for the conference (you do not have to pay the fees yet), you can submit your abstract as well as your full paper using your main dashboard on your personal conference page.  You dashboard will also give you information about your registration status, payment status, and abstract/paper status.


To register for the conference, you will have to register to UMEvent first.  Here is a video on how to register to the UMEvent website.  Once you have registered to UMEvent, you will have to register for the conference itself.  For instructions on how to find the conference registration, use the following link.

If you want to simply attend the conference without giving a paper, please register as 'participant'.  If you want to present a paper, give a lecture-performance, present a poster, participate in exhibitions, etc., please register as 'presenter'.   

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