Digitizing Collections for Museums: Digital Displays & Artefacts at the Borneo Cultures Museum


Miss Yasmin Khalid Nicholls


Museum Services Division Sarawak Museum, Malaysia.


The Borneo Cultures Museum (BCM) in Kuching is set to open early this year. The building of the BCM represents the biggest expansion of the Sarawak Museum, both in terms of physical space and staffing in its 130-year history. Many lessons have been learnt from the implementation of this huge ambitious project, particularly during the development process of the permanent exhibitions.

During this process it was clear to the exhibition content development team that museums in the 21st century face many challenges to engage their tech-savvy visitors. So innovative strategies had to be developed to engage and retain new audiences.

This workshop will explore and share the experience of integrating digital displays and artefacts in the BCM permanent exhibitions and also, the methods that were implemented to ensure that the new displays stand the test of time. This process helped to create new ways for audiences to experience culture and history. The ultimate aim was to create combined displays that will give visitors an enriching experience and provide new and exciting perspectives on the Sarawak Museum’s collections.





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