This conference will cover the aspects of design, development, assembly, integration, and verification. Bringing together the cutting edge of materials, manufacturing and industrial data science will maximise the cross-fertilisation opportunities, promoting an inter-sectorial technical and commercial exchange worldwide. The conference program consists of keynote lectures, paper sessions, demonstrations, case study and industrial reports. The topics for this conference will include (but are not limited to):


1) Artificial Intelligence & Industrial Data Science

Automation and Robotics, AI and Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, Big Data and Analytics, Quality Control, Digital Twin Technology, Regenerative Design and Customization, Cognitive Computing in Decision Making, AI-assisted forecasting and supply chain management.

2) AR/VR Devices, Systems and Applications

Hardware and Software development, AR/VR in Manufacturing, Educational applications of AR/VR, Simulation and Training, User Experience and Interaction Design, Remote Collaboration, 3D visualisation, Mixed and Extended Reality, Wearable Technology, Digital Heritage and Virtual Museums, Gamification, Accessibility and Inclusivity, AR/VR Safety Management and Ethical Considerations

3) Advanced Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing, Sustainable manufacturing practices, Digital twin and engineering simulation, Supply chain resilience and risk management, Surface modification technologies and Precision manufacturing technology

4) Material Processing

Advanced Materials Processing, Additive Manufacturing, Precision Joining Technology, Surface Engineering Technology, CAD/CAM/CAE Systems and Technologies, Micro and Nano Manufacturing, Laser Technology and Applications, Materials Microstructure and Mechanical Properties, Industry 4.0 and Materials Processing, Sustainable Materials Processing and Green Manufacturing, Low-Carbon Energy Technologies.

5) Manufacturing Management

Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, Operations management and Process Innovation, Circular Economy, Material Scarcity Challenges, Supply Chain Sustainability, Cyber-physical Systems, Technology adoption for SME, Workforce Readiness, Policy and Regulatory Challenges.

6) STEM Education and Communication Science

Interdisciplinary Learning, Problem-based Learning, Technology in the classroom, Innovation in STEM education, STEM in early education, STEM literacy, Language and communication in Science, Curriculum and Instruction in STEM education, STEM and Global Enterprise, Case studies and Achievements in STEM.

7) Medical Device Innovation and Public Health

Medical Device Engineering, Biocompatible Materials, Digital Health Technologies, TeleHealth and Telemedicine, Wearable Medical Technology, Regulatory Challenges, Drug delivery, 3D Printing and Customized Medical Implants, Emerging Technologies in Medical Devices, Cross-disciplinary collaborations, Data collection and Surveillance in Public Health.

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