Pre-recorded Video Instructions


Author Video Upload Guide

Due to the current situation in Malaysia, the conference MICNC 2021 will move to fully-virtual conferencing mode.

We decided to make it compulsory to author of the accepted abstract to send pre-record video presentation and send the video (in MP4 format) to MICNC 2021 secretariat email (

When preparing the video file, please make sure that:

  • The duration of the video file for Regular papers:  
  • 25 minutes for invited speakers
  • 15 minutes for oral presenter
  • 5 minutes for poster presenter (It is advisable to have the first slide to display the full poster, following by the slide presentation layout depends on the presenter creativities)

(Presenter are required to get ready for the Q&A in live mode during their session)

  • the final manuscript is uploaded before uploading the pre-recorded presentation (For those who opt for publication)

Video requirement:

  • File size: If your MP4 file is over 25 MB, please share a Dropbox or Google Drive attached file and set it to be “editable” by MICNC2021 secretariat.
  • File Format: MPEG-4 (.mp4) file (use the normal H.264 video and AAC audio codecs)
  • Video Size: HD (1280 x 720 or other “720p” setting)
  • Audio Quality: please double check your files before submitting to make sure the audio is clear and audible!

Instructions for Video Recordings

Videos should contain a prominent view of the presentation slides, along with audio of the spoken presentation. Videos compulsory contain a shot of the speaker’s head for increased engagement. The positioning may vary depends on the suitability (This shot should be thumbnail-sized and overlaid on the slide images as shown HERE).

Presentation software allows recording audio and video directly in the application and can export appropriate video files. Please see the notes below for detailed instructions for PowerPoint and OBS. If you use a different application, please see the notes under Other Options.


Power Point

  1. Follow these instructions to add audio (and optionally video) to your slides.
  2. Follow these instructions to generate a MPEG-4 (.mp4) file from your slides and audio/video.

Other Options

  1. Follow these instructions to record your screen (and microphone) while giving the presentation using on OBS.
  2. As a last resort, and only if you are comfortable directly editing video, you can export your slides as images, record an audio track, and combine the two using software like Cisco Webex, kdenliveiMovie, or others.

The Deadline for pre-recorded video submission is 15th August 2021.

Kindly fill-in the consent form for use of images, video and sound recordings that may contain personal data HERE.

Do not hesitate to contact us ( for any further information you may need.