• Registration Fee
Category Presenter Participant
Non-student Student
Early registration
(before 30th April 2020
11:59 PM
Local RM1300 RM1000 RM800
International USD400 USD300 USD250

Normal registration
(start 1st May 2020
12:00 AM)

Local RM1400 RM1100 RM900
International USD500 USD400 USD350







  • Registration Package (Group of Participant)
Package Participant Discount
Package A 2-3 10% off for each participant
Package B 4-5 15% off for each participant
Package C >5 20% off for each participant




* for group registration, kindly email us at micnc2020@um.edu.my


  • Methods of Payment (applicable for Presenter/Participant/Exhibitor):

will be announced soon
























** We will send the payment confirmation email in 5 working days.