1. Enhance Social Media Skills

  • Provide practical training on social media platforms and content creation.
  • Teach engagement strategies tailored to the healthcare sector.

2. Improve Visibility and Engagement for Health Communication

  • Enable effective communication with patients and the public.
  • Combat misinformation and promote evidence-based health information.

3. Raise Awareness and Promote Health Initiatives

  • Empower participants to advocate for health issues. Encourage collaboration to amplify health-related messaging.

Module Package:


  • Introduction to Social Media Understanding the Platforms: META, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • Building Engagement
  • Content Creation Basics


  • Advanced Content Creation¬†
  • Integrated Content Strategy
  • Advanced Analytics and Optimisation
  • Practical Project & Feedback

Trainers: INVOKE

  • Siti Ayesha (Head of Digital Marketing)
  • Bryan Lee (Lead Digital Marketing)