Theme | Libraries at the Forefront of Open Science


The role of libraries in Open Science has been recognised, discussed in numerous fora and even publicly endorsed by international organisations and stakeholders. This is only natural, as academic libraries already support a significant part of what constitutes Open Science, including open access to publications and, more recently, to open data. ICoLIS 2023 cordially invites submissions of ideas, practises and research results related to the pioneering role of libraries being at the forefront of enabling open science. We strongly encourage submissions that highlight or discuss the role of libraries and librarians in raising awareness, advocating, developing and supporting services related to the conference themes and sub-themes:




Open Access Open Access Routes
Open Access Initiatives
Open Access Use and Reuse
Open Data Open Data Standards
Open Data Use and Reuse
Open Data Journals
Open Science Evaluation Open Metrics and Impact
Open Peer Review
Open Science Policies Policy & Guidelines Ethics
Copyright & FAIR
Open Science Projects Citizen Science
Open Educational Resources
Research Data Management (RDM) Services
Open Science Tools Open Repositories
Open Services
Open Workflow Tools
RDM Tools