List of Accepted Papers

Paper 1 : Global Visibility of Open Research Data Repositories: A Case Study of China / Yuan Ye, Noorhidawati, A., and Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K

Paper 2Current Landscape of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Malaysian Academic Libraries / Nurul Diana Jasni, Noorhidawati A. and Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K.

Paper 3: Exploring Research Data Management in Academic Libraries in Nigeria: Drivers and Influencing Factors / Mairiga Hussaini Mohammed, Noorhidawati A., and Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K.

Paper 4: Unveiling Open Data Pakistan: Assessing the Availability, Accessibility, and Readability of Open Data Portal / Tayyba Rasool and and Nosheen Fatima Warrich

Paper 5: Indicators of openness and transparency in scholarly publishing: early insights from the social sciences / Noor Masliana Razlan, Samsul Farid Samsuddin and A.Abrizah

Paper 6: Work in progress: A modified Delphi study of research data governance in Malaysian research performing organizations / Norzelatun Rodhiah Hazmi, A.Abrizah and Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K.

Paper 7: Trust Bridging Data Governance and Open Science Adoption in Higher Education Institution / Muhamad Faizal Zulkifli, Norizah Mustamil, Zarina Zakaria, Adida Md Amin

Paper 8: Uncovering the publication trends and pattern of Responsible Open Science Research: A bibliometric Review / Norizah Mustamil, Usama Najam, Muhamad Faizal Zulkifli, Zarina Zakaria, Adida Md Amin

Paper 9: The perception of foreign speakers toward Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu ( PRPM) in improving the learning of Malay languange / Haslan Tamjehi and Nur Azimah Mohd Bukhari

Paper 10: Open Access Publishing Behavior of University Faculty Members: Examining the Moderating Role of Self-efficacy / Amara Malik and Mariyam Tahir M. Rafiq

Paper 11: Open access publishing in Malaysia and criteria for inclusion in Directory of Open Access Journals / Liu JinJin, Shen CenyYu, and Xu JiaYi

Paper 12: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries in Promoting Open Data / Muzammil Tahira and Nosheen Fatima Warrich

Paper 13: Exploring the Role and Responsibility of Librarians in Data Visualisation: A Road to Open Data Service / Guan Wang, Noorhidawati, A., and Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K

Paper 14: Leadership in Open Science: Academic Libraries Perspectives / Hazmir Hj Zainal and Siti Wahida Amanullah

Paper 15: Insights into Librarians’ Perspectives on Open Science: An Analysis of Sembang Pustakawan Facebook Interactions / Azizan Arshad, Samsul Farid Samsuddin and A. Abrizah

Paper 16: Malaysian University librarians' inclination towards Citizen Science / Nurfarawahidah B., Kiran, K. and Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K.

Paper 17: Exploring Libraries, Citizen Science, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Insights from Researchers and Project Managers / Nurfarawahidah B., Yanti Idaya Aspura, M.K., Khairunisa binti Nikman and Muniratul Husna binti Mohamad Zaki

Paper 18:  Construction of an Open Science Thesaurus: A Library & Information Science Course Project / Asma Nadia Z.R., Lee Tjun Yang, A.Abrizah

Paper 19: Enhancing Library Disaster Management through Open Science: A Focus on Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation / Mohd Ismail Abidin, Kiran, K., and Samsuddin, SF