Professor Dr. Abd Karim Alias

Director, Centre for Development of Academic Excellence, Universiti Sains Malaysia


In our fast-changing world, new ways of working, new ways of doing, and new ways of living making it necessary for young and old to maintain multiple profiles of knowledge - wide breadth of knowledge and multiple sets of in-depth skills and competencies. When there is a will to learn, there is always a way. The inspired and the dedicated learner will always find a way - a when (time), a where (space) and a how (platform). The current exponential growth of online courses, MOOCs and microcredentials is simply a more convenient way for those inclined to learn. Our role as educators and learners ourselves is to collaboratively harness technology to co-create learning ecologies that empower both the inspired and the uninitiated to create personalised learning paths and experiences for personal and professional growth.

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