Associate Professor Dr. Demeester Lieven

Director, Centre for Teaching Excellence, Singapore Management University

In the January to April term in 2020, many undergraduate courses at the Singapore Management University (SMU) were transferred to an online environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This meant that many instructors had to replace the weekly 3-hour face-to-face meetings in classrooms with video-conferencing sessions and other online instructional methods.  To learn from this experience, SMU surveyed both students and instructors at the end of the term. The survey results are now helping SMU prepare for another term of partial online teaching and learning in 2020.  At the same time, given that the online classes stimulated instructors to use technology effectively, the survey is also helping SMU understand how technology can enhance learning, regardless of the mode of instruction. 

In this presentation, Associate Professor Lieven Demeester will focus on the use of technology for personalised learning, which is a key area of focus at SMU.  Specifically, he will share the analysis of instructor and student experiences with respect to the use of technology to deliver varied and readily available instructional content, support self-regulated learning, and provide feedback to students.